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-Detection of Mercury(II) Ions Using Colorimetric Gold Nanoparticles on Paper-Based Analytical DevicesChen, Guan-Hua; Chen, Wei-Yu; Yen, Yu-Chun; Wang, Chia-Wei; Chang, Huan-Tsung; Chen, Chien-Fu-
-Microscale Patterning of Thermoplastic Polymer Surfaces by Selective Solvent SwellingRahmanian, Omid; Chen, Chien-Fu; Don, L.DeVoe-
-Rapid and inexpensive blood typing on thermoplastic chipsChen, Jun-You; Huang, Yi-Ting; Chou, Hsin-Hao; Wang, Cheng-Po; Chen, Chien-Fu-
-Selective breakdown of metallic pathways in double-walled carbon nanotube networksNg, Allen L; Sun, Yong; Powell, Lyndsey; Sun, Chuan-Fu; Chen, Chien-Fu; Lee, Cheng S; Wang, YuHuang-