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-Adsorption and photodegradation of methylene blue using a bulk Ti material with porous titania layer prepared by chemical oxidationTing, Hsueh-Fan; Chen, Chih-Ming; Lu, Fu-Hsing; Suen, Shing-Yi-
-Characterization of carbon nanomaterials synthesized from thermal decomposition of paper phenolic boardHuang, Yu-Ting; Lin, Yi-Wei; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Chemical Deposition of Ni/Pt Bi-Layer on Polyimide Film as Flexible Counterelectrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsCherng, Sheng-Jye; Chen, Chih-Ming; Dow, Wei-Ping; Lin, Ching-Hsuan; Chen, Sinn-Wen-
-Chromatic Titanium Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells under Rear IlluminationHuang, Chih-Hsiang; Chen, Yu-Wen; Chen, Chih-Ming; 陳志銘
-Cosensitization of Structurally Simple Porphyrin and Anthracene-Based Dye for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsReddy, Kamani Sudhir K; Chen, Yen-Chiao; Wu, Chih-Chung; Hsu, Chia-Wei; Chang, Ya-Ching; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yeh, Chen-Yu; 葉鎮宇
-Effect of polyimide baking on bump resistance in flip-chip solder jointsCheng, Hsi-Kuei; Feng, Shien-Ping; Lai, Yi-Jen; Liu, Kuo-Chio; Wang, Ying-Lang; Liu, Tzeng-Feng; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Effect of Sn Grain Orientation on the Cu6Sn5 Formation in a Sn-Based Solder Under Current StressingLin, Chih-Fan; Lee, Shang-Hua; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Effects of annealing conditions on the properties of TiO2/ITO-based photoanode and the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, Chih-Ming; Hsu, Yu-Chun; Cherng, Sheng-Jye-
-Enhanced growth of the Cu6Sn5 phase in the Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Cu multilayers subjected to applied strainLin, Chi-Pu; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yen, Yee-Wen-
-Enhanced growth of the Ni3Sn4 phase at the Sn/Ni interface subjected to strainsLiao, Wen-Kai; Chen, Chih-Ming; Lin, Ming-Tzer; Wang, Chao-Hong-
-Functions of Self-Assembled Ultrafine TiO2Nanocrystals for High Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsXie, Fengxian; Cherng, Sheng-Jye; Lu, Shunmian; Chang, Ya-Huei; Sha, Wei E. I.; Feng, Shien-Ping; Chen, Chih-Ming; Choy, Wallace C. H.-
-Improvement of Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell by Post Heat Treatment of Polymer-Capped Nano-Platinum CounterelectrodeLan, Jo-Lin; Wan, Chi-Chao; Wei, Tzu-Chien; Hsu, Wen-Chi; Peng, Chao; Chang, Ya-Huei; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Improvement of thermal management of high-power GaN-based light-emitting diodesLiou, Bo-Hung; Chen, Chih-Ming; Horng, Ray-Hua; Chiang, Yi-Chen; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-Interfacial reactions between high-Pb solders and AgLin, Chi-Pu; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yen, Yee-Wen; Wu, Hsin-Jay; Chen, Sinn-Wen-
-Interfacial Reactions of High-Bi Alloys on Various SubstratesWang, Jin-Yi; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yen, Yee-Wen-
-Intermetallic Compound Formation and Mechanical Property of Inner Lead Bonding JointsLin, Chih-Fan; Chen, Chih-Ming; Dow, Wei-Ping; Liu, Hung-Hsin; Tien, Ho-Chun; Lee, Shih-Fu; Chen, Wei-Ming-
-Partially Neutralizing Potency against Emerging Genotype I Virus among Children Received Formalin- Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus VaccineFan, Yi-Chin; Chen, Jo-Mei; Chiu, Hsien-Chung; Chen, Yi-Ying; Lin, Jen-Wei; Shih, Chen-Chang; Chen, Chih-Ming; Chang, Chao-Chin; Gwong-Jen, J.Chang; Chiou, Shyan-Song-
-Planar copper-tin inter-metallic film formation on strained substratesHsu, Feng-Chih; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Wang, Yu-Ting; Lin, Ming-Tzer; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Retarding the Cu5Zn8 phase fracture at the Sn-9 wt.% Zn/Cu interfaceWang, Jin-Yi; Lin, Chih-Fan; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Solid-state interfacial reactions at the solder joints employing Au/Pd/Ni and Au/Ni as the surface finish metallizationsLin, Chi-Pu; Chen, Chih-Ming-