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-Acarbose Decreases the Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk of Diabetic Patients and Attenuates the Incidence and Severity of Collagen-induced Arthritis in MiceChen, Hsin-Hua; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chao, Ya-Hsuan; Chen, Yi-Ming; Wu, Chao-Liang; Lai, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Ching-Heng; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Blood lipid profiles and peripheral blood mononuclear cell cholesterol metabolism gene expression in patients with and without methotrexate treatmentChen, Der-Yuan; Chih, Hui-Min; Lan, Joung-Liang; Chang, Hsin-Yueh; Chen, Wei-Wen; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel
-Formulated extract from multiple citrus peels impairs dendritic cell functions and attenuates allergic contact hypersensitivityLi, Shiming; Lin, Yi-Chin; Ho, Chi-Tang; Lin, Ping-Yi; Suzawa, Michiko; Wang, Hsin-Chieh; Chu, Ching-Liang; Chen, Der-Yuan; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Immunomodulation of phloretin by impairing dendritic cell activation and functionLin, Chi-Chen; Chu, Ching-Liang; Ng, Chin-Sheng; Lin, Ching-Yen; Chen, Der-Yuan; Pan, I-Hong; Huang, Kao-Jean
-Naringenin inhibits dendritic cell maturation and has therapeutic effects in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritisLi, Yi-Rong; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chu, Ching-Liang; Li, Shiming; Chen, Yu-Kuo; Wu, Chao-Ling; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Rice bran feruloylated oligosaccharides activate dendritic cells via Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 signalingLin, Chi Chen; Chen, Hua Han; Chen, Yu Kuo; Chang, Hung Chia; Lin, Ping Yi; Pan, I-Hong; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chen, Chuan Mu; Lin, Su Yi
-Tolerogenic β2-glycoprotein I DNA vaccine and FK506 as an adjuvant attenuates experimental obstetric antiphospholipid syndromeChao, Ya-Hsuan; Chen, Der-Yuan; Lan, Joung-Liang; Tang, Kuo-Tung; Lin, Chi-Chien-