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-Effect of surface Si redistribution on the alignment of Ge dots grown on pit-patterned Si(001) substratesChen, Hung-Ming; Suen, Yuen-Wuu; Chen, Sao-Jie; Luo, Guang-Li; Lai, Yen-Pu; Chen, Shih-Ta; Lee, Chien-Hung; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung-
-Thermally induced morphology evolution of pit-patterned Si substrate and its effect on nucleation properties of Ge dotsChen, Hung-Ming; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung; Suen, Yuen-Wuu; Luo, Guang-Li; Lai, Yen-Pu; Fu-MinWang; Chen, Shih-Ta-
-以交流伺服馬達控制平板剛體定位之研究銘, 陳 鴻; Chen, Hung-Ming-
-全球金融危機與歐洲主權債務危機期間的台灣外匯市場效率之研究陳弘銘; Chen, Hung-Ming-