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-Hydrothermally Processed TiO2 Nanowire Electrodes with Antireflective and Electrochromic PropertiesChen, Jing-Zhi; Ko, Wen-Yin; Yen, Yin-Cheng; Chen, Po-Hung; Lin, Kuan-Jiuh-
-The Role of the Fabrication of Anatase-TiO(2) Chain-Networked PhotoanodesChen, Jing-Zhi; Yen, Yin-Cheng; Ko, Wen-Yin; Cheng, Ching-Yuan; Lin, Kuan-Jiuh-
-製備一維銳鈦礦二氧化鈦奈米結構並應用於太陽電池與電致變色元件陳景智; Chen, Jing-Zhi-