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-A novel role of the tumor suppressor GNMT in cellular defense against DNA damageWang, Yi-Cheng; Lin, Wei-Li; Lin, Yan-Jun; Tang, Feng-Yao; Chen, Yi-Ming; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel-
-Acarbose Decreases the Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk of Diabetic Patients and Attenuates the Incidence and Severity of Collagen-induced Arthritis in MiceChen, Hsin-Hua; Chen, Der-Yuan; Chao, Ya-Hsuan; Chen, Yi-Ming; Wu, Chao-Liang; Lai, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Ching-Heng; Lin, Chi-Chen-
-Glycine-N Methyltransferase Expression in HepG2 Cells Is Involved in Methyl Group Homeostasis by Regulating Transmethylation Kinetics and DNA MethylationWang, Yi-Cheng; Tang, Feng-Yao; Chen, Shih-Yin; Chen, Yi-Ming; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel-
-GNMT Expression Increases Hepatic Folate Contents and Folate-Dependent Methionine Synthase-Mediated Homocysteine RemethylationWang, Yi-Cheng; Chen, Yi-Ming; Lin, Yan-Jun; Liu, Shih-Ping; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel-
-長烤作業荷重降低膠體翹曲量研究陳沂銘; Chen, Yi-Ming-