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-(BMC Bioinformatics, 08:164)Genome-wide identification of specific oligonucleotides using artificial neural network and computational genomic analysisLiu CC; Lin CC; Li KC; Chen WSE; Chen JC; Yang MT; Yang PC; Chang PC; Chen JJW
-(Formosan J. Med., 09:650-666)Topology-based Cancer Classification Technologies Using Microarray DataLiu CC; Chen WSE; Yang PC; Chang PC; Chen JJW
-The integrated bioinformatics study for computational systems biologyLiu CC; Chen WSE; Chang PC; Yang PC; Chen JJW-
-(Nucleic Acids Res., 34:4069-4080)Topology-based cancer classification and related pathway mining using microarray dataLiu CC; Chen WSE; Lin CC; Liu HC; Chen HY; Yang PC; Chang PC; Chen JJW
-(Nucleic Acids Res., 34:W571-W577)CRSD: a comprehensive web server for composite regulatory signature discoveryLiu CC; Lin CC; Chen WSE; Chen HY; Chang PC; Chen JJW; Yang PC