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-1.利用水楊酸配位基進行銅催化氯苯和溴苯與氨水交互耦合反應之研究 2.雌激素對抗劑(DMA)合成之研究連瑞政; Lian, Ruei-Jeng-
-A feasible scalable porphyrin dye for dye-sensitized solar cells under one sun and dim light environmentsYu-Chieh Liu; Hsien-Hsin Chou; Feng-Yi Ho; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Tzu-Chien Wei; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
-A:具有架橋基之雙紫質分子開關 B:應用於染料敏化太陽能電池之雙紫質合成與特性麥綺倫; Mai, Chi-Lun-
-alpha-胺基酸不對稱合成-由alpha-甲基-反式-肉桂醛製備單環亞胺基內酯及其烷化反應林正坤; Lin, Cheng-Kun-
-Field-Induced Fluorescence Quenching and Enhancement of Porphyrin Sensitizers on TiO2 Films and in PMMA Films-
-Narcissus Alkaloids的合成研究蔡平貴; Tasi, Ping-Gwai-
-Porphyrin Dimers as Hole-Transporting Layers for High-Efficiency and Stable Perovskite Solar CellsYu-Hsien Chiang; Hsien-Hsin Chou; Wei-Ting Cheng; Yun-Ru Li; Chen-Yu Yeh; Peter Chen
-Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Porphyrins for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Resistor-type Memory DevicesKamani Sudhir Kumar Reddy; 蘇迪
-Synthesis and Properties of Highly Conjugated Porphyrin Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells李紹齊; Shao-Chi Lee
-Synthesis of Multiple Arylamine-Substituted Porphyrins and Their Applications in Perovskite Solar CellsHong-Yi Zuo; 左紘屹
-Synthesis of Organic Dye Based on 9-Diarylamino-anthracenes with High Open Circuit Potential for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells徐嘉微; Chia-Wei Hsu
-Synthesis of Perfluorinated Porphyrins for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon DioxideChih-Kai Chang; 張智凱
-Synthesis of Porphyrins with Novel Anchoring Groups and Extended π-conjugated Units for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells謝奇宏; Chi-Hung Hsieh
-Synthesis of Porphyrins with Various Pull Units for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells王綸鴻; Wang, Lun-Hong-
-Synthesis of Push-Pull Porphyrin Dimers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells歐子瑋; Ou, Zih-Wei-
-Synthesis of π-Conjugated Porphyrins for Perovskite Solar Cells and Organic PhotovoltaicsYun-Ru Li; 黎芸汝
-Zinc Porphyrin–Ethynylaniline Conjugates as Novel Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency of 16.6%Hsien-Hsin Chou; Yu-Hsien Chiang; Ming-Hsien Li; Po-Shen Shen; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Chi-Lun Mai; Peter Chen; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
-(一) 利用微波與超音波加速5-氰基吲哚之合成 (二) 新掌性聯胺輔助體之合成與應用廖姿雅; Liao, Tzu-Ya-
-一、建立簡捷途徑合成 (+)- and (-)-Pinitols 二、探索 Narcissus Alkaloids的合成途徑張婉君; Chang, Wang-Chung-
-三紫質的合成及其與雙牙配位基鍵結之探討和, 鄭 晉; Cheng, Chin Ho-