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-High-throughput avian molecular sexing by SYBR green-based real-time PCR combined with melting curve analysisChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Cheng, C.A.; Gu, D.L.; Chang, C.C.; Su, S.H.; Wen, C.H.; Chou, Y.C.; Chou, T.C.; Yao, C.T.; Tsai, C.L.; Cheng, C.C.-
-High-throughput gender identification of accipitridae eagles with real-time PCR using TaqMan probesChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Gu, D.L.; Su, S.H.; Chang, C.C.; Cheng, C.A.; Huang, H.W.; Yao, C.T.; Chou, T.C.; Chuang, L.Y.; Cheng, C.C.-
-An improved PCR method for gender identification of eaglesChang, H.W.; 張嘉哲; Chou, T.C.; Gu, D.L.; Cheng, C.A.; Chang, C.C.; Yao, C.T.; Chuang, L.Y.; Wen, C.H.; Chou, Y.C.; Tan, K.Y.; Cheng, C.C.-
-Molecular phylogeny of the Pycnonotus sinensis and Pycnonotus taivanus in Taiwan based on sequence variations of nuclear CHD and mitochondrial cytochrome b genesChang, H.W.; Chou, Y.C.; Su, Y.F.; Cheng, C.A.; Yao, C.T.; Tsai, C.L.; Lee, H.C.; Wen, C.H.; Cheng, C.C.-
-A new strategy for designing non-C(2)-symmetric monometallic bifunctional catalysts and their application in enantioselective cyanation of aldehydesYang, F.; 高漢謀; Wei, S.P.; Cheng, C.A.; Xi, P.H.; Yang, L.; Lan, J.B.; Gau, H.M.; You, J.S.-