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-Applications of a novel microheater in micromoldingCheng, C.M.; Ho, M.S.-
-Atomic force microscopic observation of surface-supported human erythrocytesHo, M.S.; Kuo, F.J.; Lee, Y.S.; Cheng, C.M.-
-Controlling the mechanics and nanotopography of biocompatible scaffolds through dielectrophoresis with carbon nanotubesLu, Y.L.; Cheng, C.M.; Leduc, P.R.; Ho, M.S.-
-Emodin enhances gefitinib-induced cytotoxicity via Rad51 downregulation and ERK1/2 inactivationChen, R.S.; 莊秀美; Jhan, J.Y.; Su, Y.J.; Lee, W.T.; Cheng, C.M.; Ciou, S.C.; Lin, S.T.; Chuang, S.M.; Ko, J.C.; Lin, Y.W.-
-Experimental determination of mechanical properties of electroformed Ni-Fe microstructuresCheng, C.M.; Ho, M.S.-
-Modulating material interfaces through biologically-inspired intermediatesHazar, M.; Steward, R.L.; Chang, C.J.; Orndoff, C.J.; Zeng, Y.K.; Ho, M.S.; LeDuc, P.R.; Cheng, C.M.-
-Roles of MKK1/2-ERK1/2 and Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase-AKT Signaling Pathways in Erlotinib-Induced Rad51 Suppression and Cytotoxicity in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer CellsKo, J.C.; 張嘉哲; Ciou, S.C.; Jhan, J.Y.; Cheng, C.M.; Su, Y.J.; Chuang, S.M.; Lin, S.T.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, Y.W.; 莊秀美-
-Thermally tunable polymer microlensesHuang, X.; Cheng, C.M.; Wang, L.; Wang, B.; Su, C.C.; Ho, M.S.; LeDuc, P.R.; Lin, Q.-