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-Architectural Growth of Cu Nanoparticles Through ElectrodepositionKo, W.Y.; 林寬鋸; Chen, W.H.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-Characterization and transcriptional analysis of an ECF sigma factor from Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestrisCheng, C.Y.; 楊明德; Shieh, S.Y.; Hsu, C.C.; Yang, M.T.-
-Chitinibacter alvei sp nov., isolated from stream waterYang, C.S.; 楊秋忠; Sheu, S.Y.; Young, C.C.; Arun, A.B.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chen, W.M.-
-Coexpression of omega subunit in E-coli is required for the maintenance of enzymatic activity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris RNA polymeraseCheng, C.Y.; 楊明德; Yu, Y.J.; Yang, M.T.-
-Core-shell synthesis of a novel, spherical, mesoporous silica/platinum nanocomposite: Pt/PVP@MCM-41Lin, K.J.; 林寬鋸; Chen, L.J.; Prasad, M.R.; Cheng, C.Y.-
-Erratum to: Architectural Growth of Cu Nanoparticles Through Electrodeposition (vol 4, pg 1481, 2009)Ko, W.Y.; Chen, W.H.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-Growth of Copper Phthalocyanine Rods on Au Plasmon Electrodes through Micelle Disruption MethodsChen, W.H.; Ko, W.Y.; Chen, Y.S.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chan, C.M.; Lin, K.J.-
-Highly electrocatalytic reduction of nitrite ions on a copper nanoparticles thin filmKo, W.Y.; 林寬鋸; Chen, W.H.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-Hydrothermal synthesis of a thermally stable porous supramolecular pi-pi framework: {Co-2(C12H8N2)(4)(mu-C4O4)(OH2)(2)}C4O4 center dot 8H(2)OLai, S.F.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-A lithium ethylenediphosphonate containing lithium chains and symmetric hydrogen bondsCheng, C.Y.; 林寬鋸; Lin, K.J.-
-Lower Variability of Tacrolimus Trough Concentration After Conversion From Prograf to Advagraf in Stable Kidney Transplant RecipientsWu, M.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Wu, W.P.; Cheng, C.H.; Yu, D.M.; Chuang, Y.W.; Shu, K.H.-
-NCHU-3: A crystalline inorganic-organic hybrid molecular sieve with extra-large cagesCheng, C.Y.; 林寬鋸; Fu, S.J.; Yang, C.J.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, K.J.; Lee, G.H.; Wang, Y.-
-Phosphate removal from water using lithium intercalated gibbsiteWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Cheng, C.Y.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liaw, R.B.; Chang, T.W.; Chen, J.H.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
-A reversible octahedral to trigonal-bipyramidal cobalt coordination change in an aquo-accessible coordination networkFu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-The Role of the Fabrication of Anatase-TiO2 Chain-Networked PhotoanodesChen, J.Z.; Yen, Y.C.; Ko, W.Y.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-Study of laser noises corresponding to different feedback configurations for blue-light optical pickup headsShih, H.F.; 郭正雄; Cheng, C.Y.; Lee, Y.C.; Kuo, C.H.; 施錫富-
-Synthesis of a reusable oxotungsten-containing SBA-15 mesoporous catalyst for the organic solvent-free conversion of cyclohexene to adipic acidCheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.; Prasad, M.R.; Fu, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Shyu, S.G.; Sheu, H.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chuang, C.H.; Lin, M.T.-
-A tetrahedrally coordinated cobalt(II) phosphonate with a three-dimensional framework containing two-dimensional channelsFu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
-Towards electrochemical artificial muscles: A supramolecular machine based on a one-dimensional copper-containing organophosphonate systemLin, K.J.; 林寬鋸; Fu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chen, W.H.; Kao, H.M.-
-Trends in Maintenance Immunosuppressive Drugs Used in Taiwanese Kidney Transplant Recipients: An Analysis of the National Health Insurance Research DatabaseTsai, S.F.; Cheng, C.Y.; Shu, K.H.; Wu, M.J.-