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-Anomalous electrical performance of nanoscaled interfacial oxides for bonded n-GaAs wafersHao, O.Y.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Chiou, H.H.; Liu, C.C.; Cheng, J.H.; Wen, O.Y.; Chiou, S.H.; Shiue, S.T.; Chueh, Y.L.; Chou, L.J.-
-Application of continuous supercritical anti-solvents for rapid recrystallization and purification of zeaxanthin dipalmitates from de-glycosides of Lycium barbarum fruitsChang, L.P.; 張傑明; Cheng, J.H.; Hsu, S.L.; Liau, B.C.; Wu, T.M.; Chang, C.M.J.; 吳宗明-
-Copper-Catalyzed Coupling of Alkynes with Alkenyl HalidesLin, Y.Y.; Wang, Y.J.; Cheng, J.H.; Lee, C.F.-
-Effects of annealing temperature on electrical resistance of bonded n-GaAs wafersLiu, P.C.; Lu, C.L.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Ouyang, H.-
-Effects of laser sources on the reverse-bias leakages of laser lift-off GaN-based light-emitting diodesWu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Peng, W.C.; Ouyang, H.-
-First-principles analysis of interfacial nanoscaled oxide layers of bonded N- and P-type GaAs wafersHao, O.Y.; Chiou, H.H.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Wen, O.Y.-
-Nanoscaled interfacial oxide layers of bonded n- and p-type GaAs wafersOuyang, H.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Lu, C.L.; Chiou, S.H.; Ouyang, W.-
-The synthesis of minus-strand RNA of bamboo mosaic potexvirus initiates from multiple sites within the poly(A) tailCheng, J.H.; 蔡慶修; Peng, C.W.; Hsu, Y.H.; Tsai, C.H.; 徐堯煇-
-An Unusual Cause of Hemoptysis in a Young WomanChang, J.M.; Cheng, J.H.; Chen, W.-