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-Boehmite coating on theta-Al2O3 particles via a sol-gel routeCheng, L.T.; 曾文甲; Tsai, M.Y.; Tseng, W.J.; Hsiang, H.I.; Yen, F.S.-
-Effect of acid treatment on structure and morphology of carbons prepared from pyrolysis of polyfurfuryl alcoholCheng, L.T.; 曾文甲; Tseng, W.J.-
-Eriodictyol decreases very late antigen-4 (VLA-4) expression, cellular adhesion, and migration through an NF kappa B-dependent pathway in monocytesHuang, T.C.; 劉宏仁; Tseng, K.Y.; Tsai, S.S.; Liu, H.J.; Ho, C.T.; Lin, H.Y.; Cheng, L.T.; Chuang, K.P.-