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-Characteristics of carbon coatings on optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using different argon/methane ratiosLin, H.C.; 薛顯宗; Shiue, S.T.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yang, T.J.; Wu, T.C.; Lin, H.Y.-
-Construction and evaluation of transgenic tobacco plants expressing the coat protein gene of papaya ringspot virus with different translation leadersCheng, Y.H.; Yeh, S.D.-
-The Development of Image-based Distance Measurement SystemDeng, L.Y.; Tang, N.C.; Shih, T.K.; Lee, D.L.; Cheng, Y.H.; Lo, K.Y.-
-Differentiation of the Xiphinema americanum-group nematodes X-brevicollum, X-incognitum, X-diffasum and X-oxycaudatum in Taiwan by morphometrics and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequencesChen, D.Y.; Ni, H.F.; Yen, J.H.; Cheng, Y.H.; Tsay, T.T.-
-Efficient rooting for establishment of papaya plantlets by micropropagationYu, T.A.; Yeh, S.D.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yang, J.S.-
-The expression of carbonic anhydrase in canine mammary gland and mammary gland tumorJen, Y.F.; 李衛民; Lee, W.M.; Lin, C.C.; Cheng, Y.H.; Wang, J.H.; Kuo, T.F.; Chang, M.H.-
-Field evaluation of transgenic papaya lines carrying the coat protein gene of Papaya ringspot virus in TaiwanBau, H.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yu, T.A.; Yang, J.S.; Hsiao, C.H.; Lin, C.Y.; Yeh, S.D.-
-First Report of Capsicum chlorosis virus Infecting Amaryllis and Blood Lily in TaiwanChen, C.C.; 葉錫東; Huang, C.H.; Cheng, Y.H.; Chen, T.C.; Yeh, S.D.; Chang, C.A.-
-First Report of Capsicum chlorosis virus Infecting Tomato in TaiwanHuang, C.H.; Zheng, Y.X.; Cheng, Y.H.; Lee, W.S.; Jan, F.J.-
-First Report of Passiflora virus Y Infecting Macroptilium atropurpureum in TaiwanChiang, C.H.; Fan, Y.T.; Yu, T.A.; Cheng, Y.H.; Chen, Y.K.-
-First Report of Pepper veinal mottle virus in Tomato and Pepper in TaiwanCheng, Y.H.; Wang, R.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.A.; Jan, E.J.-
-First Report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in Sweet Pepper in TaiwanZheng, Y.X.; 詹富智; Huang, C.H.; Cheng, Y.H.; Kuo, F.Y.; Jan, F.J.-
-Food Safety Evaluation of Papaya Fruits Resistant to Papaya Ring Spot VirusYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lin, H.T.; Cheng, Y.H.; Lin, Y.J.; Chang, S.C.; Yeh, S.D.; Chan, Y.C.; Chung, Y.C.; Liao, J.W.-
-The impact of transgenic papaya (TPY10-4) fruit supplementation on immune responses in ovalbumin-sensitised miceChen, Y.N.; 方 繼; Hwang, W.Z.; Fang, T.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Lin, J.Y.; 林金源-
-Incorporating MIP and SIP for Cross-Layer Fast Handoff in IPv6 NetworksCheng, Y.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Kao, S.J.-
-Melon yellow spot virus in watermelon: a first record from TaiwanChen, T.C.; 葉錫東; Lu, Y.Y.; Cheng, Y.H.; Chang, C.A.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Preparation of monodentate phosphinite ligands: their applications in palladium catalyzed Suzuki reactionsCheng, Y.H.; 洪豐裕; Weng, C.M.; Hong, F.E.-
-Serological relationship between Melon yellow spot virus and Watermelon silver mottle virus and differential detection of the two viruses in cucurbitsChen, T.C.; 葉錫東; Lu, Y.Y.; Cheng, Y.H.; Li, J.T.; Yeh, Y.C.; Kang, Y.C.; Chang, C.P.; Huang, L.H.; Peng, J.C.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Transgene-specific and event-specific molecular markers for characterization of transgenic papaya lines resistant to Papaya ringspot virusFan, M.J.; 葉錫東; Chen, S.; Kung, Y.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Bau, H.J.; Su, T.T.; Yeh, S.D.-