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-The Effect of Accelerating Curing by Adding catalyst to Polyurethane Coatings -(I)The Synthesis of Polyester Polyol Used for Polyurethane Coatings劉正字; 余啟瑞; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Chi-Ruey Yu
-The Effects of Gluing Methods and Modified Adhesives on the Properties of Structural Laminated Wood by End-to-End Grain Joint (Ⅲ)-The Effects of Various End-grain Joint Types and Adhesives Used on the Properties of Laminated Woods劉正字; 李文昭; 張心怡; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii; Shin-Yi Jang
-Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesive for Bonding of Wood with High Moisture Content(1) Moisture Control of Specimen and and its Related PropertiesCheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jan Lii; 劉正字; 李文昭
-The Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesives for High Moisture Content Wood -(3) Polyurethane Adhesive and Epoxy Resin Adhesive Used in High Moisture Content Wood劉正字; 李文昭; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii
-RC樑兩側鋼鈑補強工法之研究詹清淵; Chan, Ching Yuan-
-RC樑撓曲補強之研究-兩側鋼鈑補強法葉時偉; Yeh, Shyr Wei-
-The secondary Bonding of Composite Boards on Face-to-Face and Side-to-Side Gluing劉正字; 李文昭; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii
-Studies on the Adhesion of Bamboo王恩華; 劉正字; Un-Hwa Wang; Cheng-Tzu Liu
-Studies on The Improvement of The Properties of Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesives (Ⅱ)-Synthesis of Copolymers of PVAc Resin and Their Utilization李久先; 顏添明; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Chao-Yin Liu
-Studies on the Manufacture of Fiberboard from Bamboo Waste劉正字; Cheng-Tzu Liu
-Studies on the Properties Improvement of Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesives (I) - The Effect of Synthetic Condition on the Properties of Adhesives劉正字; 劉昭吟; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Chao-Yin Liu
-Studies on the Reactivity of Urea and Formaldehyde王恩華; 劉正字; Un-Hwa Wang; Cheng-Tzu Liu
-Studies on Wood Adhesive Fillers from Wood and Bark FloursUn-Hwa Wang; Cheng-Tzu Liu; 王恩華; 劉正字
-不同形態及合成條件之MUF膠製造木質板材之研究許哲峰; Sheu, Jer-Fung-
-不同竹種竹炭與竹醋液之製造及 碳材於水質改良之應用周坤池; Zhou, Kun-Chi-
-不等深度等間距雙向鋼筋之自動化探測李淑君; LEE, SHU CHUN-
-多元醇液化木質材料-環氧樹脂聚摻合樹脂之製備及其應用吳秋昌; Wu, Chiou-Chang-
-尿素-樹皮萃取物-甲醛共聚合樹脂之合成及其性質陳盈全; Chen, Ying-Chuan-
-木材之液化及其在木材酚膠合劑之製造侯家翔; Hou, Chia-Hsiang-
-木材之醚化改質及其膠合性之研究林福元; Lin, Fu-Yan-