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-Channel Planform Dynamics Monitoring and Channel Stability Assessment in Two Sediment-Rich Rivers in TaiwanCheng-Wei Kuo; Chi-Farn Chen; Su-Chin Chen; Tun-Chi Yang; Chun-Wei Chen; 郭鎮維
-Eco-Environmental Construction of the Taichung Han-Chi Drainage with Integration of Public ParticipationYung-Chi Shih; Su-Chin Chen; Cheng-Wei Kuo; 石永祺; 陳樹群; 郭鎮維
-The Influence of Hydrological Events and Check Dams upon the Geomorphic Changes of the Meng-Gu WaterfallCheng-Wei Kuo; Su-Chin Chen; Feng-Jyi Chang; Kai-Xuan Su; Min-Chih Liang; Yi-Jun Liu; Chia-Ling Huang; 郭鎮維; 陳樹群; 張豐吉; 蘇塏軒; 梁閔智; 劉宜君; 黃佳翎
-The Spatial Framework for Riparian Vegetation Distribution and River MorphologyCheng-Wei Kuo; Kuei-Yuan Peng; Shiuan-Pei An; Su-Chin Chen; 郭鎮維; 彭奎元; 安軒霈; 陳樹群