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-Changes in different fecal parameters with administration of bromelain and inulin in a rat modelChiou-Yeong Saw; Wei-Min Kao; Po-Ya Chen; Boon-Swee Chew; Ying Liew; Chi-Fai Chau; 周志輝
-Establishment of manufacturing parameters of film coating technologyYi-Yu Lo; 羅亦祐
-Evaluation of blood lipid-lowering activity of berry puree and its enhancement by dietary fiber additionNathania Dwiwahyundari; 韓美香
-Evaluation of blood lipid-lowering effects of soy protein formula productZhi-Yi Yu; 余芝儀
-Evaluation of Various Properties of Sesame Oil Blended with Different Proportions of Soybean OilChung-Li Wu; 吳崇立
-Microspheres as carriers for lipase inhibitory substances to reduce dietary triglyceride absorption in miceShiuan-Huei Wu; Nan-Nong Sun; Chi-Fai Chau; 周志輝
-Studies on mutagenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory effects of water extracts from Chinese medicinal plants.劉怡玫; Liu, Yi-Mei-
-A study of the effects of micronization on the characteristics and functionality of dietary fibers王意婷; ting, Wang yi-
-Study on the physicochemical properties and physiological effects of pomace fibers from Liucheng sweet orange peel and passionfruit seed黃雅玲; Huang, Ya-Ling-
-不同研磨條件對甘草及黃柏有效成分提取及定量分析之影響陳雋翰; Chen, Chun-Han-
-兩種包覆方法的比較楊若琳; Yang, Jo-Lin-
-兩種東南亞市售保健食品對腸道及血脂之影響評估黃敬堯; Huang, Ching-Yao-
-六種植物萃取物對干擾脂肪及澱粉吸收之影響林珈薇; Chia-Wei Lin
-利用微化處理改善木耳特性及調節血脂功效之研究Chang, Fang-Yu; 張芳瑜-
-利用難消化性麥芽糊精建立一種減低大鼠體脂肪之實驗模式郭婉宜; Kuo, Wan-I-
-天然果汁乳酸發酵之開發彭成瑜; Cheng-Yu Peng
-實驗條件對倉鼠血脂及腸道指標變化之影響陳怡璇; Yi-Xuan Chen
-探討七種中草藥對腸道生理功能之影響Lin, Cjing-Yi; 林青怡-
-攝取環狀糊精對油脂中 DEHP 吸收之影響閥熙納; Sina Vakili
-甘比亞地區補充鐵質對改善缺鐵性貧血之研究穆斯塔法; Mustapha Mbye