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-The anatomy study of consensus agreement in MANETsChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
-Conformational change of trifunctional poly(oxypropylene)amines intercalated within a layered silicate confinementChou, C.C.; Chang, Y.C.; Chiang, M.L.; Lin, J.J.-
-An early fault diagnosis agreement under hybrid fault modelChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
-Exfoliation of montmorillonite clay by Mannich polyamines with multiple quaternary saltsChu, C.C.; Chiang, M.L.; Tsai, C.M.; Lin, J.J.-
-Exfoliation of smectic clay into random silicate platelets and their self-assembled propertyLin, J.J.; Chu, C.C.; Chiang, M.L.-
-A fuzzy-based Power-aware management for mobile ad hoc networksYan, K.Q.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Chiang, M.L.; Tseng, L.Y.-
-The incremental agreementChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
-Optimal agreement in a scale-free network environmentWang, S.C.; Yan, K.Q.; Chiang, M.L.-
-Unusual intercalation of cationic smectite clays with detergent-ranged carboxylic ionsChou, C.C.; Chiang, M.L.; Lin, J.J.-