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-Antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds extracted from fresh and dried water caltrop pulp (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai)Chiang, P.Y.; 江伯源; Ciou, J.Y.; Hsieh, L.C.-
-Changes in functional characteristics of starch during water caltrop (Trapa Quadrispinosa Roxb.) growthChiang, P.Y.; 江伯源; Li, P.H.; Huang, C.C.; Wang, C.C.R.-
-Chemical composition and physical characteristics of water caltrop during growthChiang, P.Y.; 江伯源; Li, P.H.; Huang, C.C.; Wang, C.R.-
-Chemical compositions and enzyme activity changes occurring in yam (Dioscorea alata L.) tubers during growthHuang, C.C.; 江伯源; Chiang, P.Y.; Chen, Y.Y.; Wang, C.C.R.-
-Effect of micronization on functional properties of the water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai) pericarpWang, C.C.R.; 江伯源; Ciou, J.Y.; Chiang, P.Y.-
-Effect of pulverization on the antioxidant activity of water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai) pericarpsChiang, P.Y.; Ciou, J.Y.-
-Physicochemical properties of water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai) starch during growth periodWang, C.C.R.; 江伯源; Chiang, P.Y.; Li, P.H.; Huang, C.C.-
-Rheological Characteristics and Morphology of Dialdehyde Starch/Meat Composites during HeatingChiang, P.Y.; 江伯源; Li, J.Y.; Chen, M.L.-
-The role of polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase in the browning of water caltrop pericarp during heat treatmentCiou, J.Y.; Lin, H.H.; Chiang, P.Y.; Wang, C.C.; Charles, A.L.-
-Total phenolics content and antioxidant activity of extracts from dried water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis nakai) hullsCiou, J.Y.; 江伯源; Wang, C.C.R.; Chen, J.; Chiang, P.Y.-