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-Degradation of carbofuran in water by solar photocatalysis in presence of photosensitizersKuo, W.S.; 賴麗旭; Chiang, Y.H.; Lai, L.S.-
-Functional Role of Dimerization of Human Peptidylarginine Deiminase 4 (PAD4)Liu, Y.L.; 洪慧芝; Chiang, Y.H.; Liu, G.Y.; Hung, H.C.-
-Functional role of fumarate site Glu59 involved in allosteric regulation and subunit-subunit interaction of human mitochondrial NAD(P)(+)-dependent malic enzymeHsieh, J.Y.; 洪慧芝; Chiang, Y.H.; Chang, K.Y.; Hung, H.C.; 張功耀-
-Solar photocatalysis of carbaryl rinsate promoted by dye photosensitization賴麗旭; Kuo, W.S.; Chiang, Y.H.; Lai, L.S.-