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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Adaptive continuation algorithms for computing energy levels of rotating Bose-Einstein condensatesChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.-
-An adaptive multigrid scheme for Bose-Einstein condensates in a periodic potentialChang, S.L.; Chen, H.S.; Chien, C.S.; Han, D.J.-
-Application of the Lanczos algorithm for solving the linear systems that occur in continuation problemsChien, C.S.; Chang, S.L.-
-Bifurcations of the von Karman equations with Robin boundary conditionsChien, C.S.; Kuo, Y.J.; Mei, Z.-
-Computing wave functions of nonlinear Schrodinger equations: A time-independent approachChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.; Jeng, B.W.-
-Conjugate gradient type methods for semilinear elliptic problems with symmetryChien, C.S.; Lin, W.W.; Mei, Z.-
-A continuation-domain decomposition algorithm for bifurcation problemsChien, C.S.; Chou, H.S.; Jeng, B.W.-
-A cubic Hermite finite element-continuation method for numerical solutions of the von Karman equationsChien, C.S.; 施因澤; Shih, Y.T.-
-Domain decomposition algorithms for fourth-order nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problemsChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.-
-Effective condition number for finite difference methodLi, Z.C.; Chien, C.S.; Huang, H.T.-
-An efficient algorithm for the Schrodinger-Poisson eigenvalue problemChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.; Jeng, B.W.-
-A finite difference continuation method for computing energy levels of Bose-Einstein condensatesChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.; Li, Z.C.-
-Liapunov-Schmidt reduction and continuation for nonlinear Schrodinger equationsChang, S.L.; Chien, C.S.; Jeng, B.W.-
-Mode jumping in the von Karman equationsChien, C.S.; Gong, S.Y.; Mei, Z.-
-Multigrid-conjugate gradient type methods for reaction-diffusion systemsChang, S.L.; Chen, H.S.; Chien, C.S.-
-A multigrid-Lanczos algorithm for the numerical solutions of nonlinear eigenvalue problemsChien, C.S.-
-Multiple bifurcations generated by mode interactions in a reaction-diffusion problemChien, C.S.; Liao, Y.S.-
-Multiple bifurcations in a reaction-diffusion problemChien, C.S.; Chen, M.H.-
-Numerical continuation at double bifurcation points of a reaction-diffusion problemChien, C.S.; Mei, Z.; Shen, C.L.-