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-Bamboo mitochondrial energy metabolic pathways in Bambusa oldhamii and Phyllostachys edulis during rapid shootingChien, L.F.; Chen, H.P.; Wu, Y.C.-
-The change in photosynthesis and superoxide dismutase activity under the stress of low temperature and high irradiation in a desiccation-tolerant chlorellaChien, L.F.; Lin, W.H.; Chen, P.C.-
-Comparative genotoxicity of R- and S-styrene oxide in human cells and in miceChen, W.T.; Chien, L.F.; Lai, S.H.; Lai, J.S.; Chiang, S.Y.-
-A comparison between yellow-green and green cultivars of four vegetable species in pigments, ascorbate, photosynthesis, energy dissipation, and photoinhibitionWeng, J.H.; Chien, L.F.; Jiang, C.Y.; Shih, F.C.; Chen, H.Y.-
-Comparison of nonenergy-conversing bypass in summer bamboo Bambusa oldhamii and winter bamboo Phyllostachys edulisWu, Y.C.; He, J.L.; Chien, L.F.-
-Expression of mercuric reductase from Bacillus megaterium MB1 in eukaryotic microalga Chlorella sp DT: an approach for mercury phytoremediationHuang, C.C.; Chen, M.W.; Hsieh, J.L.; Lin, W.H.; Chen, P.C.; Chien, L.F.-
-Functional roles of arginine residues in mung bean vacuolar H+-pyrophosphataseHsiao, Y.Y.; Pan, Y.J.; Hsu, S.H.; Huang, Y.T.; Liu, T.H.; Lee, C.H.; Liu, P.F.; Chang, W.C.; Wang, Y.K.; Chien, L.F.; Pan, R.L.-
-Natural foliar variegation without costs? The case of BegoniaSheue, C.R.; Pao, S.H.; Chien, L.F.; Chesson, P.; Peng, C.I.-
-Proton pumping inorganic pyrophosphatase of endoplasmic reticulum-enriched vesicles from etiolated mung bean seedlingsKuo, S.Y.; Chien, L.F.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Van, R.C.; Yan, K.H.; Liu, P.F.; Mao, S.J.; Pan, R.L.-
-Purification and subunit determination of H+-pyrophosphatase from endoplasmic reticulum-enriched vesicles of mung bean seedlingsKuo, S.Y.; Chien, L.F.; Van, R.C.; Yan, K.H.; Liu, P.F.; Chang, W.C.; Wang, J.K.; Pan, R.L.-
-Radiation inactivation analysis of thylakoid protein kinase systems in light and in darknessLee, S.C.; Chien, L.F.; Van, R.C.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Hong, J.L.; Pan, R.L.-