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-Biosynthesis of Streptolidine Involved Two Unexpected IntermediatesProduced by a Dihydroxylase and a Cyclase through UnusualMechanisms-
-Improved power conversion efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells using a subwavelength-structured antireflective coatingChun-Chi Chou; Kuan-Yi Tsao; Chih-Chung Wu; Hongta Yang; Chih-Ming Chen
-螢光子之螢光共振能量轉移應用於染料敏化太陽能電池Yu-An Ho; Yu-Jie Lin; Chih-Chung Wu; Cheng-Chung Chang; Chih-Ming Chen; 何妤安; 林裕傑; 吳致中; 張健忠; 陳志銘