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-Effectively Improved SiO2-TiO2 Composite Films Applied inCommercial Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells-
-Effects of Climate Change on the Potential of the Landslides in the Basin of Kaoping StreamJen-Chen Fan; Chih-Hsiang Yang; Shih-Chun Chang; Hsiao-Yu Huang; Jia-Jun Guo; 范正成; 楊智翔; 張世駿; 黃效禹; 郭嘉峻
-Priority selection of water conservation sites in Linkou TerraceChih-Hsiang Yang; Kuei-Lin Fu; Chao-Yuan Lin; 楊至翔; 傅桂霖; 林昭遠
-The formation of (NH4)2V6O16 phase in the synthesized InVO4 for the hydrogen evolving applicationsYu-Sheng Lai; Chih-Hsiang Yang; Jih-Mirn Jehng; 鄭紀民
-以原子層沉積系統製備氧化鋁鈍化薄膜應用於射極鈍化背接觸太陽電池楊智翔; Chih-Hsiang Yang
-以水熱法製備氧化銦釩及其於光分解產氫效應之研究Chih-Hsiang Yang; 楊智翔