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-The Flow Patterns and Geophone Characteristics of Debris Flows at Houyenshan, Miaoli, Taiwan周憲德; 楊祥霖; 李璟芳; 黃郅軒; Hsien-Ter Chou; Hing-Lin Yang; Ching-Fang Lee; Chih-Hsuan Huang
-Heliu Debris Flow Induced by Typhoon Soudelor: Failure Mechanism and Numerical SimulationChing-Fang Lee; Hsien-Ter Chou; Ting-Chi Tsao; Chih-Hao Hsu; Chih-Hsuan Huang; Wei-Syuan Liao; 李璟芳; 周憲德; 曹鼎志; 許志豪; 黃郅軒; 廖緯璿