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-A Compact Nano-TiO2 Underlayer forEfficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell-
-Construction of emission-tunable nanoparticles based on a TICT-AIEgen: impact of aggregation-induced emission versus twisted intramolecular charge transferYing-Chen Chiang; Zi-Lun Lai; Chih-Ming Chen; Cheng-Chung Chang; 張健忠; Bin Liu
-The cross-interactions in the Ni/Sn/Cu diffusion couples with an electrolesspalladium surface finish-
-Development of nanotwins in electroplated copper and its effect on shear strength of tin/copper jointHsuan Lee; Yi-An Wang; Chih-Ming Chen; 陳志銘
-Efficiency improvement of dye-sensitized solar cells by in situ fluorescence resonance energy transferYu-Jie Lin; Jyun-Wei Chen; Po-Tsung Hsiao; Yung-Liang Tung; Cheng-Chung Chang; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-An Efficient Metal-Core Printed Circuit Board Witha Copper-Filled Through (Blind) Holefor Light-Emitting Diodes-
-An efficient titanium-based photoanode fordye-sensitized solar cell under back-side illumination-
-Improved power conversion efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells using a subwavelength-structured antireflective coatingChun-Chi Chou; Kuan-Yi Tsao; Chih-Chung Wu; Hongta Yang; Chih-Ming Chen
-Impurity Incorporation in the Cu Electrodeposit and Its Effects on the Microstructural Evolution of the Sn/Cu Solder JointsHsuan Lee; Tai-Yi Yu; Hsi-Kuei Cheng; Kuo-Chio Liu; Po-Fan Chan; Wei-Ping Dow; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Interfacial Reactions between Sn and Ag-Coated Bi_2te_3-Based ElementsZai-Wen Kwang; Yu-Chen Tseng; Chih-Fan Lin; Chih-Ming Chen
-Manipulation of light harvesting for efficient dye-sensitized solar cell by doping an ultraviolet light-capturing fluorophoreYu-Jie Lin; Cheng-Chung Chang; Sheng-Jye Cherng; Jyun-Wei Chen; Chih-Ming Chen-
-Nickel substrate covered with a Sn-based protection bi-layer as aphotoanode substrate for dye-sensitized solar cells-
-Novel G-quadruplex DNA Recognizers: Asymmetric Organic Compounds陳俊瑋; Chen, Jyun-Wei-
-One-step growth of ZnO nanorods and a ZnO film for dye-sensitized solar cells賴明宏; Lai, Ming-Hong-
-Study of Surface Metallization of Polyimide Film and Interfacial CharacterizationPei-Yu Wu; Ching-Hsuan Lin; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Suppression effect of Ni grain size on the Ni3Sn4 growth at the Sn/Ni interfaceYu-Chen Tseng; Hsuan Lee; Shan-Chen Tsai; Yee-Wen Yen; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Surface Metallization of Polyimide as a Photoanode Substratefor Rear-Illuminated Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
-Synergetic effect of Bi2Te3 alloys and electrodeposition of Ni for interfacial reactions at solder/Ni/Bi2Te3 jointsChih-Fan Lin; Nga Yu Hau; Yu-Ting Huang; Ya-Huei Chang; Shien-Ping Feng; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Synthesis of Ag2S quantum dots for applications in solar cellsWu, Kun-Lun; 吳坤隆-
-The Synthesis of PbS Quantum dots and Application in Solar Cells沈正偉; Shen, Jeng-Wei-