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-Analysis and Discussion on Stability of Flow in Open Channels for Various Shapes of Cross Section
-Estimating the Manning's Roughness Coefficients of Steep Channels in Taiwan何智武; Kung-Yang Yu; 游功揚; Chih-Wu Ho-
-Experiment and Analysis on Gully Control and Drainage Methods in Taiwan 2. Experiment and Analysis on Drainage MethodsJeng-Chuan Liou; 段錦浩; Chih-Wu Ho; Ching-Hao Tuan; 劉正川; 何智武-
-Mathematical Analysis on Some Special Topics in a Creeping FlowChih-Wu Ho; 何智武
-Studies on The Estimation of Sediment Transport for Ta-Chia Stream: An Investigation on Sediment Properties and Bed Load Estimation for Chi-Chia Wan and Sheh-Shan Streams of Ta-Chia Up-Stream林金炳; Jing-Bing Lin; 何智武; Chih-Wu Ho-
-A Study on Runoff Characteristics and Sediment Transport of Slopeland Urbanization ( I ):Hydrological Observation and Data Analysis林致遠; Chih-Yuan Lin; 何智武; 蘇苗彬; Chih-Wu Ho; Maiu-Bin Su
-台灣中部地區河川流力冲蝕與輸砂估算數學模式之初步研究何智武; Chih-Wu Ho-
-台灣坡地社區排水問題之研究Chih-Wu Ho; 何智武-
-大甲溪輸砂量之估算研究 (一) 大甲溪上游段河床質泥沙量之測定及估算之研究Chih-Wu Ho; 何智武-
-大甲溪輸砂量估算之數學模式研究何智武; Chih-Wu Ho-
-山地河道之地文與輸砂特性研究何智武; Chih-Wu Ho
-山地道路維護護坡及排水工程調查Chih-Wu Ho; 段錦浩; Ching-Hao Tuan; Shin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 何智武-
-砂婆礑溪集水區降雨逕流模擬之研究何智武; Chih-Wu Ho; 陳樹羣; 黃美君; Su-Chin Chen; Mei-June Huang-
-臺灣蝕溝控制及排水方法之調查研究Chih-Wu Ho; 林金炳; Ching-Hao Tuan; Jenq-Chuan Liou; Jing-Bing Lin; 劉正川; 段錦浩; 何智武-