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-Exchange bias between ZnCoO and IrMnHuang, P.H.; Lai, C.H.; Yang, C.A.; Huang, H.H.; Chin, T.S.; Chen, C.H.; Lan, M.D.; Huang, H.E.; Bor, H.Y.-
-Magnetization reversal and microstructure of (Nd2Fe14B)(x)/Nb (n) filmsTsai, J.L.; Chin, T.S.; Yao, Y.D.; Kronmuller, H.-
-Mn-doped amorphous Si:H films with anomalous Hall effect up to 150 KYao, J.H.; Li, S.C.; Lan, M.D.; Chin, T.S.-
-Photo-luminescent hydroxyapatite coatings through a bio-mimetic processChung, R.J.; Chin, T.S.; Cheng, H.Y.; Wen, H.W.; Hsieh, M.F.-
-Postannealing effect on properties of hydrogenated amorphous Si(Mn) magnetic semiconductorsYao, J.H.; 蔡佳霖; Chen, M.Y.; Tsai, J.L.; Lan, M.D.; Chin, T.S.-
-Preparation of gradually componential metal electrode on solution-casted Nafion (TM) membraneChung, R.J.; Chin, T.S.; Chen, L.C.; Hsieh, M.F.-
-Room-temperature anomalous Hall effect in amorphous Si-based magnetic semiconductorYao, J.H.; Lin, H.H.; Soo, Y.L.; Wu, T.S.; Tsai, J.L.; Lan, M.D.; Chin, T.S.-