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-Facile preparation of a phosphinated bisphenol and its low water-absorptionepoxy resins for halogen-free copper clad laminates-
-Facile Synthesis of High-Performance Poly(pyrrolone imide)s from anUnsymmetric Phosphinated Triamine-
-Identification of the reaction mechanism between phenyl methacrylate and epoxy and its application in preparing low-dielectric epoxy thermosets with flexibilityChien Han Chen; Zu Ciang Gu; Yi Lin Tsai; Ru Jong Jeng; Ching Hsuan Lin; 林慶炫
-Side-chain phenol-functionalized poly(ether sulfone) and itscontribution to high-performance and flexible epoxy thermosets-
-Steric Hindrance Control Synthesis of Primary Amine-ContainingBenzoxazines and Properties of the Resulting Poly(benzoxazineimide) Thermosetting Films-
-Synthesis and characterization of novel trifunctional cyanate ester and epoxy楊凱智; Yang, Kai-Zhi-
-Synthesis of a Benzoxazine with Precisely Two Phenolic OH Linkages andthe Properties of Its High-Performance Copolymers-
-Thermosets derived from diallyl-containing main-chain type benzoxazine polymersChien Han Chen; Ching Hsuan Lin; 林慶炫; Tung I. Wong; Meng Wei Wang; Tzong Yuan Juang
-低介電聚醚醯亞胺及環氧樹脂水性化之界面活性劑製備及應用廖婉琳; Wan-Lin Liao
-低介電銅箔基板用之苯乙烯化磷系酚醛樹脂Chih Yao Hou; 侯智耀
-雙環戊二烯之聚氧二甲苯衍生物合成與探討Han Ya Lin; 林翰亞
-雙環戊二烯氰酸酯/benzoxazine 及磷系氰酸酯/benzoxazine 共聚合物之合成與物性Yu Wei Chou; 周裕偉