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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Application of Machine Vision of Hatching Eggs Images of Research曾國豪; 陳鴻毅; 鄭經偉; Guo-Hao Zeng; Hung-Yi Chen; Ching-Wei Cheng
-Basic study on non-destructive technique of duck eggshell thickness measurementI-Chi Chen; 陳怡琪
-The Development of Seeding Mechanism for Onion Bulbs黃文忠; Huang, Wen-Chung-
-(Journal of Agricultural Machinery, 13(1):001-015)Trajectory Angles and Cultivating Dynamics for Tiller BladeJain-Song Ju; Jia-Miin Luan; Ching-Wei Cheng
-Modeling and Analysis on Kinetic of Upper Extremity associated with Correlation Position between Wheelchair Seat and Handrim Axle楊潤昶; Yang, Run-Chang-
-The Study for Apple''s Vibration Spectra and Properties紀偉民; Jee, Wei Min-
-The Study of Additives and Feed Composition on Physical , Chemical and Biodegradable Properties of ExtrudatesLEE, CHO YEH; 曄, 李卓-
-Study on the Application of Image Processing for Inspection System of Poultry Eggs IncubationYuan-Lin Hsiao; 蕭元淋
-以LifeMOD模擬頭與頸椎受後側撞擊之生物力學分析Chiu, Shi-Hung; 邱士紘-
-利用共振檢測法判別蛋殼裂痕並應用支撐向量機方法驗證之研究馮珮宣; Pei-Hsuan Feng
-利用步態分析探討側背背包對軀幹運動之影響盧欣妤; Lu, Hsin-Yu-
-利用無針式注射裝置進行蛋內接種陳韋志; Wei-Chih Chen
-利用聲波檢測鴨蛋外殼裂痕之研究白世煜; Pai, Shih-Yu-
-利用聲波檢測鴨蛋外殼裂痕之研究Shih-Yu Pai; 白世煜; Wei-Min Jee; Chung-Wei Li; Ching-Wei Cheng; 紀偉民; 李仲暐; 鄭經偉
-原料配方及螺溝寬度對擠壓緩衝產品理化及生物分解特性之研究傑, 蕭世; HSIAO, SHI JIE-
-單斜頂式溫室結構抗風力強度分析蘇湘華; Su, Hsiang-Hua-
-振動對玫瑰花切花品質影響之研究Chung-Wei Li; 李仲暐; Yu-Chuan Chen; Hsin-Chih Wang; Ruey Song Lin; Ching-Wei Cheng; 陳昱全; 王信智; 林瑞松; 鄭經偉
-模孔形狀對擠壓產品滯留時間分佈及其理化特性之研究林育德; lin, yuh-der-
-氣壓式假植機之試驗與改良徐銘宏; Shu, Ming-Hong-
-洋蔥種球振動盤分級機之研製黃義顯; Huang, Yih-Shean-