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-Characterization of Methanosarcina mazei N2M9705 isolated from an aquaculture fishpondLai, M.C.; 賴美津; Shu, C.M.; Chiou, M.S.; Hong, T.Y.; Chuang, M.J.; Hua, J.J.-
-Methanocalculus taiwanensis sp nov., isolated from an estuarine environmentLai, M.C.; 賴美津; Chen, S.C.; Shu, C.M.; Chiou, M.S.; Wang, C.C.; Chuang, M.J.; Hong, T.Y.; Liu, C.C.; Lai, L.J.; Hua, J.J.-
-Methanosarcina mazei strain O1M9704, methanogen with novel tubule isolated from estuarine environmentLai, M.C.; 賴美津; Shu, C.M.; Chen, S.C.; Lai, L.J.; Chiou, M.S.; Hua, J.J.-