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-Bovine lactoferrin inhibits Japanese encephalitis virus by binding to heparan sulfate and receptor for low density lipoproteinChien, Y.J.; 徐維莉; Chen, W.J.; Hsu, W.L.; Chiou, S.S.-
-Consumption of Groundwater as an Independent Risk Factor of Salmonella Choleraesuis Infection: A Case-Control Study in TaiwanLi, T.H.; 張照勤; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, W.C.; Chen, C.M.; Hsu, Y.M.; Chiou, S.S.; Chiou, C.S.; Chang, C.C.-
-Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using cross-reactivity reduced virus-like particles to detect antibodies against Japanese encephalitis virusChiou, S.S.; Crill, W.D.; Chen, L.K.; Chang, G.J.J.-
-Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assays using novel Japanese encephalitis virus antigen improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis of flavivirus infectionsChiou, S.S.; Crill, W.D.; Chen, L.K.; Chang, G.J.J.-
-High antibody prevalence in an unconventional ecosystem is related to circulation of a low-virulent strain of Japanese encephalitis virusChiou, S.S.; Tsai, K.H.; Huang, C.G.; Liao, Y.K.; Chen, W.J.-
-Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype Replacement, Taiwan, 2009-2010Chen, Y.Y.; 杜武俊; Fan, Y.C.; Tu, W.C.; Chang, R.Y.; Shih, C.C.; Lu, I.H.; Chien, M.S.; Lee, W.C.; Chen, T.H.; Chang, G.J.; Chiou, S.S.; 邱賢松-
-Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-Like Nucleotide Sequences in Canine and Feline Mammary TumorsHsu, W.L.; 張照勤; Lin, H.Y.; Chiou, S.S.; Chang, C.C.; Wang, S.P.; Lin, K.H.; Chulakasian, S.; Wong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 徐維莉; 張仕杰-
-Multiplex Amplification Refractory Mutation System Polymerase Chain Reaction (ARMS-PCR) for diagnosis of natural infection with canine distemper virusChulakasian, S.; 張天傑; Lee, M.S.; Wang, C.Y.; Chiou, S.S.; Lin, K.H.; Lin, F.Y.; Hsu, T.H.; Wong, M.L.; Chang, T.J.; Hsu, W.L.; 徐維莉; 王孟亮; 王之仰-
-Phenotypic changes in the Japanese encephalitis virus after one passage in Neuro-2a cells: Generation of attenuated strains of the virusChiou, S.S.; Chen, W.J.-