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-The Discipline Effects of Fixed Exchange Rates: Constraint versus Incentive Effects and the Distinction between Hard and Soft PegsChiu, E.M.P.; Dechsakulthorn, S.B.J.; Walter, S.; Walton, J.C.; Willett, T.D.-
-The Interactions of Strength of Governments and Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes in Avoiding Currency CrisesChiu, E.M.P.; 邱明斌; Willett, T.D.-
-Testing the Unstable Middle and Two Corners Hypotheses About Exchange Rate RegimesAngkinand, A.; 邱明斌; Chiu, E.M.P.; Willett, T.D.-
-Will institutional reform enhance bilateral trade flows? Analyses from different reform aspectsAngkinand, A.P.; Chiu, E.M.P.-