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-Effect of priming temperature on storability of primed sh-2 sweet corn seedChiu, K.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Sung, J.M.-
-Electrochemically controlled ligand shuttling between zinc porphyrin and meso-phenylenediamine substituentChiu, K.Y.; 蘇玉龍; Su, Y.O.-
-First Report of Gummosis Disease of Japanese Apricot Caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea in TaiwanKo, Y.; Liu, C.W.; Chen, S.S.; Chiu, K.Y.; Sun, Y.W.; Maruthasalam, S.-
-Invasive Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate With Urethral TumorHung, C.F.; Lee, C.H.; Hung, S.W.; Chiu, K.Y.; Cheng, C.L.; Yang, C.R.; Chen, C.J.; Li, J.R.-
-Partial vacuum extends the longevity of primed bitter gourd seeds by enhancing their anti-oxidative activities during storageYeh, Y.M.; Chiu, K.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Sung, J.M.-
-Partial vacuum storage improves the longevity of primed sh-2 sweet corn seedsChiu, K.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Sung, J.M.-
-Redox Potential Inversion by Ionic Hydrogen Bonding between Phenylenediamines and PyridinesChung, Y.C.; Tu, Y.J.; Lu, S.H.; Hsu, W.C.; Chiu, K.Y.; Su, Y.O.-
-Rictor-dependent AKT activation and inhibition of urothelial carcinoma by rapamycinWu, M.J.; Chang, C.H.; Chiu, Y.T.; Wen, M.C.; Shu, K.H.; Li, J.R.; Chiu, K.Y.; Chen, Y.T.-
-Solid matrix priming can partially reverse the deterioration of sweet corn seeds induced by 2,2 '-azobis (2-amidinopropane) hydrochloride generated free radicalsSung, J.M.; Chiu, K.Y.-
-Synthesis and Computational Oxidation Mechanism Study of Novel Organosoluble Aramids with High Modulus by Low-Temperature Solution PolycondensationChang, C.H.; Wang, K.L.; Jiang, J.C.; Liaw, D.J.; Lee, K.R.; Lai, J.Y.; Chiu, K.Y.; Su, Y.O.-
-Unusual spectral and electrochemical properties of azobenzene-substituted porphyrinsChiu, K.Y.; Tu, Y.J.; Lee, C.J.; Yang, T.F.; Lai, L.L.; Chao, I.; Su, Y.O.-
-Why 10 degrees C-primed sh-2 sweet corn seeds were of higher quality than 20 degrees C-primed seeds: some physiological cluesChiu, K.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Sung, J.M.-