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-Adiponectin Increases MMP-3 Expression in Human Chondrocytes Through AdipoR1 Signaling PathwayTong, K.M.; Chen, C.P.; Huang, K.C.; Shieh, D.C.; Cheng, H.C.; Tzeng, C.Y.; Chen, K.H.; Chiu, Y.C.; Tang, C.H.-
-Arsenic induces cell apoptosis in cultured osteoblasts through endoplasmic reticulum stressTang, C.H.; Chiu, Y.C.; Huang, C.F.; Chen, Y.W.; Chen, P.C.-
-Baculovirus Transduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells: In Vitro Responses and In Vivo Immune Responses After Cell TransplantationChuang, C.K.; Wong, T.H.; Hwang, S.M.; Chang, Y.H.; Chen, G.Y.; Chiu, Y.C.; Huang, S.F.; Hu, Y.C.-
-Can external corporate venturing broaden firm's technological scope? The role of complementary assetsLai, H.C.; Chiu, Y.C.; Liaw, Y.C.-
-An evaluation model of new product launch strategyChiu, Y.C.; Chen, B.; Shyu, J.Z.; Tzeng, G.H.-
-Firm Resources and Corporate Venturing InvestmentChiu, Y.C.; Tseng, W.K.; Liaw, Y.C.-
-Innovation capacity comparison of China's information technology industrial clusters: The case of Shanghai, Kunshan, Shenzhen and DongguanLai, H.C.; Chiu, Y.C.; Leu, H.D.-
-Organizational slack: is more or less better?Chiu, Y.C.; Liaw, Y.C.-
-R&D intensity, firm performance and the identification of the threshold: fresh evidence from the panel threshold regression modelYeh, M.L.; Chu, H.P.; Sher, P.J.; Chiu, Y.C.-
-Sustained baculovirus-mediated expression in myogenic cellsShen, H.C.; Yeh, C.N.; Chen, G.Y.; Huang, S.F.; Chen, C.Y.; Chiu, Y.C.; Hu, Y.C.-
-Technological Diversification and Organizational Divisionalization: The Moderating Role of Complementary AssetsLai, H.C.; Chiu, Y.C.; Liaw, Y.C.; Lee, T.Y.-
-Technological diversification, complementary assets, and performanceChiu, Y.C.; Lai, H.C.; Lee, T.Y.; Liaw, Y.C.-
-Technological scope: diversified or specializedChiu, Y.C.; Lai, H.C.; Liaw, Y.C.; Lee, T.Y.-
-Will the leading firm continue to dominate the market in the Taiwan notebook industry?Chu, H.P.; Yeh, M.L.; Sher, P.J.; Chiu, Y.C.-