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-Bartonella and Babesia infections in cattle and their ticks in TaiwanTsai, Y.L.; 張照勤; Chomel, B.B.; Chang, C.C.; Kass, P.H.; Conrad, P.A.; Chuang, S.T.-
-Bartonella Infection in Shelter Cats and Dogs and Their EctoparasitesTsai, Y.L.; 張照勤; Lin, C.C.; Chomel, B.B.; Chuang, S.T.; Tsai, K.H.; Wu, W.J.; Huang, C.G.; Yu, J.C.; Sung, M.H.; Kass, P.H.; Chang, C.C.-
-Bartonella species and their ectoparasites: Selective host adaptation or strain selection between the vector and the mammalian host?Tsai, Y.L.; 張照勤; Chang, C.C.; Chuang, S.T.; Chomel, B.B.-
-Bartonella Species in Small Mammals and Their Ectoparasites in TaiwanTsai, Y.L.; 張照勤; Chuang, S.T.; Chang, C.C.; Kass, P.H.; Chomel, B.B.-
-Epidemiology of Bartonella Infection in Rodents and Shrews in TaiwanHsieh, J.W.; 張照勤; Tung, K.C.; Chen, W.C.; Lin, J.W.; Chien, L.J.; Hsu, Y.M.; Wang, H.C.; Chomel, B.B.; Chang, C.C.; 董光中-
-Identification of novel Bartonella spp. in bats and evidence of Asian gray shrew as a new potential reservoir of BartonellaLin, J.W.; Hsu, Y.M.; Chomel, B.B.; Lin, L.K.; Pei, J.C.; Wu, S.H.; Chang, C.C.-
-Isolation of Bartonella species from rodents in Taiwan including a strain closely related to 'Bartonella rochalimae' from Rattus norvegicusLin, J.W.; 張照勤; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, W.C.; Chomel, B.B.; Chang, C.C.-