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-Chimeric RNA/DNA hybrid dumbbells capped with compact trinucleotide loops more consistently correct the factor is point mutation in canine hemophilic fibroblastsMiao, C.H.; Chou, S.H.; Nichols, T.C.; Thompson, A.R.-
-Crystal structure of DFA0005 complexed with alpha-ketoglutarate: A novel member of the ICL/PEPM superfamily from alkali-tolerant Deinococcus ficusLiao, C.J.; 周三和; Chin, K.H.; Lin, C.H.; Tsai, P.S.F.; Lyu, P.C.; Young, C.C.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 楊秋忠-
-Crystal structure of RecX: A potent regulatory protein of RecA from Xanthomonas campestrisYang, C.Y.; 周三和; Chin, K.H.; Yang, M.T.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 楊明德-
-Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction characterization of the XccFimXEAL-c-di-GMP and XccFimXEAL-c-di-GMP-XccPilZ complexes from Xanthomonas campestrisLiao, Y.T.; Chin, K.H.; Kuo, W.T.; Chuah, M.L.C.; Liang, Z.X.; Chou, S.H.-
-Delicate conformational changes of a protein in the CRP family lead to dramatic functional changes via binding of an alternate secondary messenger moleculeChou, S.H.-
-Effects of supplemental 25-hydroxycholecalciferol on growth performance, small intestinal morphology, and immune response of broiler chickensChou, S.H.; 余 碧; Chung, T.K.; Yu, B.-
-Elucidation of the solution structure of cardiotoxin analogue V from the Taiwan cobra (Naja naja atra) - Identification of structural features important for the lethal action of snake venom cardiotoxinsJayaraman, G.; 系統管理者; Kumar, T.K.S.; Tsai, C.C.; Srisailam, S.; Chou, S.H.; Ho, C.L.; Yu, C.; 周三和-
-Enzymatic and NMR spectral evidence of hairpin stability in DNA triple repeats: a possible mechanism for initiating the repeat expansionChen, S.H.; Scott, C.R.; Chou, S.H.-
-Hydration of d(CGC)r(aaa)d(TTTGCG) (2)Hsu, S.T.; Chou, M.T.; Chou, S.H.; Huang, W.C.; Cheng, J.W.-
-Lipid Bilayer-Assisted Release of an Enediyne Antibiotic from Neocarzinostatin ChromoproteinHariharan, P.; 周三和; Sudhahar, C.G.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-A model for enediyne antibiotic transport/releaseHariharan, T.; 周三和; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-A new model for ligand release - Role of side chain in gating the enediyne antibioticHariharan, P.; 周三和; Liang, W.C.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-A Novel Tetrameric PilZ Domain Structure from XanthomonadsLi, T.N.; 系統管理者; Chin, K.H.; Fung, K.M.; Yang, M.T.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 周三和; 楊明德-
-Structure of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia FeoA complexed with zinc: a unique prokaryotic SH3-domain protein that possibly acts as a bacterial ferrous iron-transport activating factorSu, Y.C.; 周三和; Chin, K.H.; Hung, H.C.; Shen, G.H.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 洪慧芝-