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-A constitutive model for gravelly soils considering shear-induced volumetric deformationChu, B.L.; Jou, Y.W.; Weng, M.C.-
-Documentation of soil conditions at liquefaction and non-liquefaction sites from 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquakeChu, D.B.; 林炳森; Stewart, J.P.; Lee, S.; Tsai, J.S.; Lin, P.S.; Chu, B.L.; Seed, R.B.; Hsu, S.C.; Yu, M.S.; Wang, M.C.H.; 褚炳麟-
-Ground behavior and liquefaction analyses in central Taiwan-WufengChu, B.L.; 褚炳麟; Hsu, S.C.; Chang, Y.M.-
-Liquefaction damage and related remediation in Wufeng after the Chi-Chi EarthquakeHsu, S.C.; 褚炳麟; Chu, B.L.; Chang, Y.M.-
-Liquefaction-induced lateral spreading in near-fault regions during the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquakeChu, D.B.; 褚炳麟; Stewart, J.P.; Youd, T.L.; Chu, B.L.-
-Mechanical behavior of a twin-tunnel in multi-layered formationsChu, B.L.; Hsu, S.C.; Chang, Y.L.; Lin, Y.S.-
-Numerical simulation of gravel deposits using multi-circle granule modelChang, Y.L.; 褚炳麟; Chu, B.L.; Lin, S.S.-