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-The Development of Probiotic Biofungicides for Plant Disease ControlTzeng, D.D.S.; Huang, W.D.; Lai, W.R.; Chu, S.C.; Wang, S.W.-
-Effect of tannase treatment on protein-tannin aggregation and sensory attributes of green tea infusionLu, M.J.; Chu, S.C.; Yan, L.; Chen, C.S.-
-Effects of origins and fermentation time on the antioxidant activities of kombuchaChu, S.C.; Chen, C.S.-
-Water quality modeling for the Feitsui Reservoir in northern TaiwanKuo, J.T.; 楊明德; Liu, W.C.; Lin, R.T.; Lung, W.S.; Yang, M.D.; Yang, C.P.; Chu, S.C.-