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-Draining Effect of Retaining Wall Drainage Facility黃漢誠; Han-Chen Huang; 陳主惠; 譚義績; Yih-Chi Tan; Chu-Hui Chen-
-Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Volumetric Compression Properties of Unsaturated Soil during Pumping柯凱元; Ke kai-yuan; 陳主惠; 譚義績; Chu-Hui Chen; Yih-Chi Tan-
-入滲對非飽和邊坡淺層崩塌發生機制之研究Bo-Heng Lee; 李伯亨; Hsien-Ter Chou; Shou-Young Chang; Chu-Hui Chen; 周憲德; 張守陽; 陳主惠-