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-Comparison of Different Measurement Equations for Body Composition Estimation in Male AthletesMing-Feng Kao; Hsueh-Kuan Lu; Tsong-Rong Jang; Wei-Chun Yang; Chun-Hao Chen; Yu-Yawn Chen; Kuen-Chang Hsieh
-The Efficiency of Artificial Geo-Textiles for Hillslope Erosion Control陳樹群; Su-Chin Chen; 王士豪; 林俊岳; 陳駿豪; Shi-Hao Wang; Jun-Yue Lin; Chun-Hao Chen
-鐵/氧化矽薄膜經氬/氧離子束轟擊後之微結構與磁性質研究陳俊豪; Chun-Hao Chen