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-An Analysis of Residents' Perception and Preference for Debris Flow Disaster-An Application of Multi:Attribute Utility Theory李俊鴻; Chun-Hung Lee; 黃錦煌; 蕭景楷; Chin-Huang Huang; Ching-Kai Hsiao
-Evaluating International Tourists’ Perceptions on Cultural Distance and Recreation DemandChun-Hung Lee; Han-Shen Chen; Gwo-Bao Liou; Bi-Kun Tsai; Chi-Ming Hsieh; 謝奇明-
-國人對冷凍年菜之消費行為與願付價格研究陳郁蕙; 陳雅惠; 林羿杏; 李俊鴻; Yu-Hui Chen; Ya-Hui Chen; Yi-Sing Lin; Chun-Hung Lee