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-Environmental and developmental regulation of the wound-induced cell wall protein WI12 in the halophyte ice plant顏宏真; Yen, S.K.; Chung, M.C.; Chen, P.C.; Yen, H.E.-
-Expression and regulation of two novel anther-specific genes in Lilium longiflorumTzeng, J.D.; 王國祥; Hsu, S.W.; Chung, M.C.; Yeh, F.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Liu, M.C.; Hsu, Y.F.; Wang, C.S.-
-Identification and Exploration of Pollen Tube Small Proteins Encoded by Pollination-Induced TranscriptsHuang, J.C.; Chang, L.C.; Wang, M.L.; Guo, C.L.; Chung, M.C.; Jauh, G.Y.-
-Identification of anther-specific/predominant genes regulated by gibberellin during development of lily anthersHsu, Y.F.; 王國祥; Tzeng, A.D.; Liu, M.C.; Yei, F.L.; Chung, M.C.; Wang, C.S.-
-Molecular Cloning, Mass Spectrometric Identification, and Nutritional Evaluation of 10 Coixins in Adlay (Coix lachryma-jobi L.)Lin, L.J.; 曾志正; Hsiao, E.S.L.; Tseng, H.S.; Chung, M.C.; Chua, A.C.N.; Kuo, M.E.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-OSTF1: A HD-GL2 family homeobox gene is developmentally regulated during early embryogenesis in riceYang, J.Y.; 呂維茗; Chung, M.C.; Tu, C.Y.; Leu, W.M.-
-Specific expression of a sesame storage protein in transgenic rice branLee, T.T.T.; 曾志正; Chung, M.C.; Kao, Y.W.; Wang, C.S.; Chen, L.J.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 陳良築-