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-Application of antagonistic rhizobacteria for control of Fusarium seedling blight and basal rot of lilyChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Wu, R.S.; Hsu, C.P.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.-
-Control, by Brassica seed pomace combined with Pseudomonas boreopolis, of damping-off of watermelon caused by Pythium spChung, W.C.; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.; Jen, J.F.-
-Cost Considerations in Choosing Group Size for Group Testing in the Seed Potato Certification ProgramChiang, K.S.; 蔣國司; Lai, S.H.; Chung, W.C.; Lin, S.H.; Yang, T.C.-
-Development of a semiselective medium for detection of Mycosphaerella pinodes in soil, plant debris and seedChen, M.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.-
-Development of Taenia saginata asiatica metacestodes in SCID mice and its infectivity in human and alternative definitive hostsChang, S.L.; 黃鴻堅; Nonaka, N.; Kamiya, M.; Kanai, Y.; Ooi, H.K.; Chung, W.C.; Oku, Y.-
-Direct determination of sinigrin in mustard seed without desulfatation by reversed-phase ion-pair liquid chromatographyJen, J.F.; 黃振文; Lin, T.H.; Huang, J.W.; Chung, W.C.; 鄭政峰-
-Effect of ground Brassica seed meal on control of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.; Jen, J.F.; 鄭政峰-
-Effects of nutrients on production of fungichromin by Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 and efficacy of control of Phytophthora infestansHuang, J.W.; 黃振文; Shih, H.D.; Huang, H.C.; Chung, W.C.-
-Formulation of a soil biofungicide for control of dampincr-off of Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis) caused by Rhizoctonia solaniChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.-
-Inhibition of soil-borne plant pathogens by the treatment of sinigrin and myrosinases released from reconstructed Escherichia coli and Pichia pastorisChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, H.C.; Chiang, B.T.; Huang, J.W.-
-Magnetically enhanced high-specificity virus detection using magnetic nanoparticles with antibodies as labeling markersYang, S.Y.; Wang, W.C.; Lan, C.B.; Chen, C.H.; Chieh, J.J.; Horng, H.E.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.; Tsai, C.P.; Yang, C.Y.; Cheng, I.C.; Chung, W.C.-
-Nature of Resistance to Methyl Benzimidazole Carbamate Fungicides in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp lilii and F-oxysporum f.sp gladioli in TaiwanChung, W.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Ting, P.F.; Ru, C.C.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.; 鍾文鑫-
-Organic amendment of commercial culture media for improving control of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageShiau, F.L.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.-
-Specific detection of benzimidazole resistance in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from fruit crops by PCR-RFLPChung, W.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Peng, M.T.; Yang, H.R.; Huang, J.W.-