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-The Development Ratio of Watershed Based on Changed Surface RunoffHsin-Hui Huang; 黃心慧; Chung-Ming Wu; Su-Chin Chen; 巫仲明; 陳樹群-
-坡地開發對集流時間影響之研究陳樹群; Su-Chin Chen; 巫仲明; Chung-Ming Wu-
-山坡地開發對洪流量影響之研究Chung-Ming Wu; 巫仲明; Su-Chin Chen; 陳樹群-
-本土化土壤沖蝕指標模式之建立陳樹群; Jhy-Wei Ferng; 簡如宏; 馮智偉; 巫仲明; Seasir Chien; Su-Chin Chen; Chung-Ming Wu-
-連續性沉砂池囚砂率之研究Chung-Ming Wu; 張三郎; San-Lang Chang; Su-Chin Chen; 巫仲明; 陳樹群-