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-Antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles in three different sizes and their nanocomposites with a new waterborne polyurethaneLiu, H.L.; Dai, S.A.; Fu, K.Y.; Hsu, S.H.-
-Dendronized organic-inorganic nonlinear optical hybrid materials with homogeneous morphologyChen, Y.C.; 鄭如忠; Yang, Y.J.; Juang, T.Y.; Chan, L.H.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, F.M.C.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-
-Facile and Efficient Preparation of Phosphinate-Functionalized Aromatic Diamines and Their High-T-g PolyimidesChang, C.W.; Lin, C.H.; Cheng, P.W.; Hwang, H.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Facile approach to polyurea/malonamide dendrons via a selective ring-opening addition reaction of azetidine-2,4-dioneChen, C.P.; 鄭如忠; Dai, S.A.; Chang, H.L.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-
-Facile Preparation of Novel Epoxy Curing Agents and Their High-Performance ThermosetsLin, C.H.; 戴憲弘; Lin, T.L.; Chang, S.L.; Dai, S.A.; Cheng, R.J.; Hwang, K.Y.; Tu, A.P.; Su, W.C.-
-Facile Synthetic Route Toward High Conversion Primary Aliphatic Poly(vinyl benzyl isocyanate) via IodinationTing, W.H.; 鄭如忠; Dai, S.A.; Lee, H.T.; Chen, F.M.C.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-
-Facile synthetic route toward poly(vinyl benzyl amine) and its versatile intermediatesTing, W.H.; 鄭如忠; Dai, S.A.; Shih, Y.F.; Yang, I.K.; Su, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘-
-Functionalization of silica nanoparticles with 4-isocyanato-4 '-(3,3 '-dimethyl-2,4-dioxo-azetidino)diphenyl methane, surface chemical reactivity and nanohybrid preparationLiu, Y.L.; 鄭如忠; Wu, Y.H.; Jeng, R.J.; Dai, S.A.; 戴憲弘-
-Generation and synthetic uses of stable 4- 2-isopropylidene -phenol carbocation from bisphenol AChen, W.F.; Lin, H.Y.; Dai, S.A.-
-Investigation on solubility of polymeric binder of xerographic toner and de-inking by emulsion processLiu, R.H.; 戴憲弘; Dai, S.A.; Chang, F.J.; Cheng, W.T.; Shih, Y.F.; 鄭文桐-
-Iterative synthesis of extenders of uniform chain lengths for making thermo-reversible polyurethane supramoleculesKuo, M.C.; 鄭如忠; Jeng, R.J.; Su, W.C.; Dai, S.A.; 戴憲弘-
-N-aryl acylureas as intermediates in sequential self-repetitive reactions to form poly(amide-imide)sWei, K.L.; 戴憲弘; Wu, C.H.; Huang, W.H.; Lin, J.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Nanoscale organic/inorganic hybrids based on self-organized dendritic macromolecules on montmorillonitesJuang, T.Y.; 吳宗明; Chen, Y.C.; Tsai, C.C.; Dai, S.A.; Wu, T.M.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠-
-Nonlinear optical, poly(amide-imide)-clay nanocomposites comprising an azobenzene moiety synthesised via sequential self-repetitive reactionLin, H.L.; 鄭如忠; Chang, H.L.; Juang, T.Y.; Lee, R.H.; Dai, S.A.; Liu, Y.L.; Jeng, R.J.; 戴憲弘; 李榮和-
-Novel side-chain dendritic polyurethanes based on hydrogen bonding rich polyurea/malonamide dendronsDai, S.A.; 吳宗明; Chen, C.P.; Lin, C.C.; Chang, C.C.; Wu, T.M.; Su, W.C.; Chang, H.L.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-One-Pot Alkoxylation of Phenols with Urea and 1,2-GlycolsLin, H.Y.; Dai, S.A.-
-Optical non-linearity from montmorillonite intercalated with a chromophore-containing dendritic structure: A self-assembly approachChen, Y.C.; 吳宗明; Juang, T.Y.; Dai, S.A.; Wu, T.M.; Lin, J.J.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Organo-clay hybrids based on dendritic molecules: preparation and characterizationJuang, T.Y.; 吳宗明; Tsai, C.C.; Wu, T.M.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, C.P.; Lin, J.J.; Liu, Y.L.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Preparation of clay/epoxy nanocomposites by layered-double-hydroxide initiated self-polymerizationChan, Y.N.; 戴憲弘; Juang, T.Y.; Liao, Y.L.; Dai, S.A.; Lin, J.J.-