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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Application of GIS Techniques for Forest Sampling DesignFong-Long Feng; 蔡政弘; Jenq-Horng Tsai; 馮豐隆-
-Damage to Understory Trees in a Two-storied Sugi and Hinoki Plantation:A Case Study in the University of Tokyo Forest in ChibaKawaguchi Takaaki; Satoshi Tatsuhara-
-Economic Analysis of leased and purchased Slopeland Management of Released National Forests in Tung Sheh Area林喻東; 羅紹麟-
-Energy Use of Logging Residues in Japanese Sugi Plantation - A Trial in Snowy Area, Niigata Prefecture, JapanKimio Takeuchi; Masato Takano-
-Establishment of Forestry Funds in Taiwan曾建薰; 童秋霞; 羅紹麟
-Estimation of diameter growth parameters for Cryptomeria Plantations in� Taiwan Using the Local Yield Table Construction SystemNakajima, Tohru; Yang, Yong-Chi; Matsumoto, Mitsuo; Zheng, Chin-Long; Tatsuhara, Satoshi; Lin, Wen-Liang; Shiraishi, Norihiko
-The estimation of the amount of carbon fixation of the coastal black pine forestKazuya Yasuda; Yoshinori Nobori; Seishiro Taki-
-The Evaluation and Designing of Ecotourism Program for National Recreational Areas童秋霞; 吳貞純-
-A Forest Carbon Sequestration Inventory System : An Example of Camphor Trees in TaiwanFong-Long Feng; 馮豐隆; Hsuan-Te Lee; 李宣德-
-Forestry Administrative Performance A Case Study :Taiwan Forestry Baurea林喻東; 童秋霞; 羅紹麟-
-Forestry Education in Japanese Vocational High Schools:Historical outlook and present statusMariko Inoue; Yasuhiko Oishi-
-Greetings for The "Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration in Taiwan and Japan"Norio Takahashi
-Integration of GIS and GPS Techniques in Forest MappingChih-Cheng Huang; 黃志成; Fong-Long Feng; 馮豐隆-
-The Knowledge Dissemination of Forest Management and Forest Sustainable Management in TaiwanWang, Pei-jung; 王培蓉-
-Measuring the Private Holding Forestland's Use Efficiency toward Sustainability- An Illustration of Nankang Watershed in Nantou County羅凱安; 羅紹麟-
-Modeling Forest Recreation Visitors: A Multi-Cultural Marketing PerspectiveChieh-Lu Li-
-Objectives of Forest Management: Intensive and ExtensiveShaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟-
-Participation and Empowerment Mechanism of Community Forestry-An Example of Taiwan.Mei-Chih Yeh; 羅紹麟; Shaw-Lin Lo; 葉美智-
-Progress of the Development of World ForestryYang, Yong-Chi