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-Applying Affordance Theory to Explore the Relationship between Environmental Attributes and Users' Behavior鄭佳美; Chia-Mei Cheng; 歐聖榮; 黃郁琇; Sheng-Jung Ou; Yu-Hsiu Huang
-Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Indian Jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.) Cultivars by RAPD and ISSR Markers.蘇慧珊; Hui-Shan Su; 陳京城; Ching-Cheng Chen
-Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Persimmon Germplasms by RAPD Markers and Morphological Traits湯佳裕; Jia-Yu Tang; 倪正柱; 嚴新富; 溫英杰; Hsin-Fu Yen; Ien-Chie Wen; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Auxins induce somatic Embryogenesis via In Vitro Culture of Leaflet Explants of Roses徐詠勝; Yung-Sheng Hsu; 王才義; Tsai-Yih Wang
-Co-transfer of Genes into Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Chloroplast by via Particle Bombardment with Co-constructed Transplastomic Vector陳立德; Li-Te Chen; 曾夢蛟; Menq-Jiau Tseng
-Effect of Bare Root and Dark Simulated Transport on Physiology and Morphology of Colmanara Wildcat羅文冠; Wen-Kuan Lo; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Chemotherapy on the Virus-Elimination in Green Onion 'Lan Yang No.1' and 'Tao Yuan No.3'.謝叔娟; Su-Chuan Shieh; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effect of Culture Solution Formula and the Reagent Level to the Growth in Lettuce and Pak-Choi李郁淳; Yu-Chung Lee; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effect of Different Growing Medium on Growth of PhalaenopsisRuey-Song Lin; 林立航; Li-Hang Lin; 林瑞松
-Effect of N-Propyl Dihydrojasmonate (PDJ) Treatment on Fruit Coloration in 'Kyoho' and 'Honey Red' Summer Grapes江婉柔; Wan-Jou Chiang; 陳秉訓; 楊耀祥; Bing-Shiunn Chen; Yau-Shiang Yang
-Effect of Storage Temperatures on Quality of 'Bull Heart' Persimmon after CaO Deastringency黃仲彥; Chong-Yan Huang; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-The Effect of Temperature on the Gas Composition in Shiitake Growth Bags and Mycelium Growth蒙家嬋; Chia Chan Meng; 謝慶昌; Ching Chang Shiesh
-The Effects of Spent Mushroom Compost on the Growth of Petunia陳虹君; Hung-Jeng Chen; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Flower Bud as Explant for Agrobacterium tumefacien-mediated Transformation of Pigment Gene in Chrysanthemum.陳彥銘; Yen-Ming Chen; 王強生; 朱建鏞; Chang-Sheng Wang; Chien-Young Chu
-Horticulture Characteristics and Berry Development of a 'Kyoho' Mutant Grapevine黃士晃; Shih-Huang Huang; 陳秉訓; 陳京城; 徐思東; 楊耀祥; Bing-Shiunn Chen; Ching-Cheng Chen; Szu-Tung Hsu; Yau-Shiang Yang
-Influence of Bacillus Subtilus on the Seed Germination of 'Ching Pi' Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.)Yu Sung; 宋妤; Hue-Ru Yang; 楊惠如
-Mineral Nutrient Uptake and Transport in Various Combination Grafting of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill cv.'Known-You 301'Plant)Haiao-Ling Chung; 林慧玲; Huey-Ling Lin; 鍾曉玲
-Molecular Cloning and Analysis of Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase Gene of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. Pekinensis)尤進欽; Jinn-Chin Yiu; 曾夢蛟; Menq-Jiau Tseng
-Orchid Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculum Production and Effects on the Growth of Cattleya.林佑東; Yu-Tung Lin; 王才義; Tsai-Yih Wang
-Streptomyces saraceticus 肥料製劑對’巨峰’葡萄植株生長之影響陳姿翰; Tzu-Han Chen; 蔡東纂; 楊耀祥; Tung-Tsuan Tsay; Yau-Shiang Yang