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-A Chinese Unknown Words Extraction Model for The Blog Connect黃政傑; Jeng Jie Huang
-Document Overlapping Clustering Using Formal Concept Analysis林于婷; Yu-Ting Lin
-Fine-grained Image Authorization Mechanism for Image Management SystemsYi-Hui Chen; 呂瑞麟; Eric Jui-Lin Lu; Ping-Jung Chen
-Privacy Image Protection Using Fine-grained Technique王楚帆; Chu-Fan Wang
-An RDF-based P2P overlay network supporting range and and wildcard queries張英超; 呂瑞麟; 黃宣伊; 陳宜惠; Ing-Chau Chang; Eric Jui-Lin Lu; Shiuan-Yin Huang; Yi-Hui Chen-
-RDF-Chord: A hybrid PDMS for P2P systemsYi-Hui Chen; Eric Jui-Lin Lu; Yao-Tsan Chang; Shiuan-Yin Huang-
-XML文件概要搜尋機制之研究施美存; Shih, Mei-Tsun-
-一個以RDF為基礎並支援萬用字元查詢的P2P系統黃宣尹; Huang, Shiuan-Yin-
-利用查詢關鍵詞取代全文檢索關鍵詞之系統化研究蔡孟芳; Tsai, Meng-Fang-
-點對點網路下節點資料管理之研究張耀燦; Chang, Yao-Tsan-