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-(Appl.Phys.Lett.,90:032904-032906)Epitaxial growth of BaTiO3 films on TiN/Si substrates by a hydrothermal-galvanic couple methodY.C.Chieh; C.C.Yu; F.H.Lu
-(Bull.Chinese Ceram.Soc.,26(4):032-036)Synthesis and applications of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxideC.J.Wu; W.C.Hsu; C.T.Wang; K.C.Lin; C.H.Huang; F.H.Lu-
-(Bull.Chinese Ceram.Soc.26(4):008-015)Prepation of functional oxide films by a novel hydrothermal-galvanic couple methodY.C.Chieh; P.H.Chan; H.P.Teng; C.C.Yu; F.H.Lu-
-(Ceramic Transactions,24:185-192)Non-stoichiometry and Cation Tracer Diffusion in Cobalt-Iron-Manganese Oxide SpinelsF.H.Lu; R.Dieckmann-
-(Ceramics International.,35(7):2699-2704)The growth of interfacial compounds between titanium dioxide and bismuth oxideC.D.Lu; L.S.Chang; Y.F.Lu; F.H.Lu-
-(Computational Materials Science,14:048-055)Monte Carlo Simulation on the Cation Diffusion via Vacancies in Simple SpinelsF.H.Lu-
-(J.Appl.Phys.,75(2):819-826)Monte Carlo Simulation of Cation Transport via Vacancies in Spinel Solid Solutions:One Type of Cation Exchange PrevailsF.H.Lu; P.Franke; C.S.Nichols; R.Dieckmann
-(J.Appl.Phys.,76(2):848-857)Monte Carlo Simulation of Cation Diffusion via Vacancies in Quasibinary Spinel Solid Solutions Involving Multiple Types of Cation-Vacancy ExchangesF.H.Lu; P.Franke; C.S.Nichols; R.Dieckmann-
-(J.Eur.Ceram.Soc.,21:1093-1099)Eutectic Reaction between Copper Oxide and Titanium DioxideF.H.Lu; F.X.Fang; Y.S.Chen-
-(J.Eur.Ceram.Soc.,22:1367-1374)The Influences of Oxygen Impurity Contained in Nitrogen Gas on the Annealing of Titanium NitrideF.H.Lu; J.L.Lo-
-(J.Eur.Ceram.Soc.,28(3):691-698)Oxidation behavior of AlN films at high temperature under controlled atmosphereC.Y.Lin; F.H.Lu-
-(J.Mater.Res.,20(10):2745-2753)Influences of oxygen impurity contained in nitrogen gas on the reactions of chromium with nitrogenY.S.Ho; F.S.Huang; F.H.Lu
-(J.Mater.Res.,24(7):2400-2408)Influences of oxygen impurity contained in nitrogen on the reaction of titanium with nitrogenF.H.Lu; B.F.Jiang; J.L.Lo; M.H.Chan
-(J.Phys.Chem.Solids,56(5):715-724)Oxygen Activity Dependent Dissolution of Nickel from Nickel Oxide into PlatinumF.H.Lu; M.L.Newhouse; R.Dieckmann-
-(J.Phys.Chem.Solids,56(5):725-733)Point Defects in Oxide Spinel Solid Solutions of the Type (Co,Fe,Mn)3-δ04 at 1200℃F.H.Lu; R.Dieckmann-
-(J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A.,21:671-675)Degradation of CrN Films at High Temperature under Controlled AtmosphereF.H.Lu; H.Y.Chen; C.H.Hung
-(J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A.,21:695-700)Phase Transformation in Chromium Nitride FilmsH.Y.Chen; F.H.Lu
-(J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A.,22(5):2071-2076)Degradation of ZrN films at High Temperature under Controlled AtmosphereF.H.Lu; W.Z.Lo
-(J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A.,23(4):1006-1009)Oxidation behavior of titanium nitride filmsH.Y.Chen; F.H.Lu
-(J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A.,26(3):481-484)Dielectric properties of high-density-plasma fluorinated-silicate glass by doping nitrogenB.J.Wei; Y.L.Cheng; Y.L.Wang; F.H.Lu; H.C.Shih